Kanadisches Magazin veröffentlicht Beauty Editorial mit Interview

Die Agenturleiterin/Art Directorin Isabella Friedmann alias iloveshade konnte sich in Kanada auszeichnen und wurde im März mit einem Beauty Editorial im Kanadischen Magazin „The Creators Magazine“ veröffentlicht. Neben Ihrer Bilder gab es auch eine Vorstellung und ein Interview mit Ihr als Fotografin.

Make Up: Xenia Voglar I Nia • Make Up & Hair, Model: Lydia Kramberger, Agency: ADDICTED TO MODELS

Biography: Isabella Friedmann is a photographer from Graz / Austria specializing in beauty and fashion photography. The 33-year-old artist has been working in the industry since 2011, successfully turning her hobby into a secondary occupation. Her work as the Art Director at the advertising agency infect has thought her to keep in mind what is really important and to strive for perfection within every single piece. After all, perfection is her core motivation to constantly improve and increase the quality of her work. Many of her works were ordered by large companies in Austria, allowing her to showcase her talent and ability as a photographer to a broader and broader audience. For Isabella Friedmann, a shoot is only successful if the resulting photographs not only please the customer, but if everyone involved is proud and happy with it. Not only that, in addition to ordered photoshoots, this talented young photographer also invests a lot of time in her own projects, where she can let her creativity run free, blow off steam and improve even further ‒ as the saying goes: „Practice makes perfect!“.

What was your inspiration for the ‘In Bloom’ photoshoot?
Nothing in particular, really. On that day, a completely different shoot was planned. But somehow, the three of us had the same thought: Let’s have a flower shoot! So, I went flower picking. “Spontaneous“ ideas are often the best!

What do you love most about being a photographer?
Most of all, I love the variety, the different people, and the moment when you can see the results of your hard work shooting right before your eyes.

Do you remember when you first started getting into photography, what was it like going from beginner to professional?
I remember everything very well: It started as a hobby, a little pastime, that developed into a passion. The whole journey from amateur to professional is far from over for me, I’ve really just reached the halfway point. I constantly strive to improve my skills, and there is still room to grow!

Many new photographers fear retouching images. Talk us through the process of your retouching, any helpful tips and tricks?
Retouching is a sensitive topic indeed. If you do it too much, it looks silly. If you do it too little, it also looks silly. Personally, I find retouching simply fascinating, because you are striving for perfection, which, in my opinion, does not exist. When it comes to retouching, I find it important that it looks natural and you are not turning your models into aliens ‒ except, of course, if that was the theme, then say hi to E.T. for me!


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